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for Rio Tinto, FMG, the DET CRC, Gold Fields, LKAB Wassara, and ACARP. developed include 3D shape characterisation, micro-seismic event detection,  27 Nov 2020 a seismic event and fall of ground at LKAB's Kiruna mine in Sweden. The damage was catastrophic and capturing data of the damaged areas  Five short-term hazard indicators: Seismic Activity Rate (SAR), Cumulative of Larger Seismic Events in Deep Underground Mines (LKAB, Kiirunavaara Mine,  A program for the visualization of seismicity and volcanic activity in space and time. This animation of the PC program was created for those who are unable to  25 Sep 2012 Monitoring of seismic events in mines or along tunnels therefore is a Denis Thibodeau of VALE, Lars Malmgren of LKAB, and Brad Simser of  When a seismic event occurs tremors are generated which spread in the bedrock. Geophones that are placed around the mine register these tremors and the  Magnitude is a measurement of the size of a seismic event. It describes how much energy has been released by a seismic event. Our websites.

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2020-10-30 · The seismic event triggered rock bursts across kilometers of drifts. Armed with accurate 3D datasets, LKAB engineers were able to start planning remediation work within weeks of the event. 2020-12-21 · Swedish mining giant LKAB suffered a significant seismic event at their Kiruna iron ore mine. Before they were able to restart operations, they needed to gain a complete understanding of the damage.

Criteria were developed (Table 2) during the study to select suitable seismic events out of 46 already studied seismic events having occurred in block 33/34 of the LKAB Kiirunavaara Mine between 2008 and 2013 (Nordström et al.


This is how it works; LKAB monitors seismic activity; Information step by step; Local scale; Questions and answers; Contact; Investors Öppna undermeny. Financing Öppna undermeny. Key ratios; Loan programme and credit Öppna undermeny.

Lkab seismic event

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Lkab seismic event

This is the reason LKAB does not measure event magnitude on the Richter Scale but uses a local scale. 2020-10-30 · The seismic event triggered rock bursts across kilometers of drifts. Armed with accurate 3D datasets, LKAB engineers were able to start planning remediation work within weeks of the event. Therefore, in this case, we have used the national seismic system.

Lkab seismic event

LKAB’s vision for the systematic safety work is no accidents.
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Lkab seismic event

In some cases, the energy can be intense enough that it is felt in the form of an earthquake, while in other seismic events, the energy is so mild that it can only be identified with specialized equipment. Seismic Retaining Wall Failure Best Practices in Dam and Levee Safety Risk Analysis Part E – Concrete Structures. Chapter E-7. Last modified June 2017, presented July 2019 Seismic Events, AMBLESIDE, Cumbria. 579 likes. Seismic Events - active cyclists organising events for cyclists.

(LKAB) Rock mechanics analysis of seismic events. • Traditionally: Use of  A seismic event is the sudden release of potential or stored energy in the rock. The released energy is then radiated as seismic waves.
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All the parameters of the seismic events in the LKAB database are calculated by IMS (Institute of Mine Seismology, www.imseismology.org). The waveforms were used for re-processing of the seismic events and refined estimation of the seismic source parameters (hypocenter location, local Back analysis for evaluation of the merits of the short-term seismic hazard indicators (precursors) used in the mines and their potential application for early warning was carried out for fourteen seismic events that potentially caused damage in Kiirunavaara Mine, Sweden, selected according to our designed criteria. LKAB, Luleå.

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18 May 2020 A record earthquake shook the city of Kiruna and its iconic iron ore The quake hit the LKAB-owned mine, one of the world's largest iron ore Sweden is not an area that normally experiences a lot of powerful seis 18 May 2020 An aerial view of the Kiruna iron ore mine, where the earthquake hit.